Top Benefits of an Aluminum Radiator

Aluminum radiators have a number of advantages over their counterparts, but many vehicle owners don’t realize this until it’s too late. If you want your vehicle to have better durability and efficiency, it’s time to learn more about how aluminum takes the cake.


Most factory-made radiators are made from a mixture of aluminum and plastic. While this combination is a little bit cheaper, it also makes your radiator more likely to crack over time. The plastic inevitably can’t handle the wear and tear that drivers put on their car day in and day out. The more cracking the radiator has, the bigger the leaks will be wherever you go and the more you’ll have to replace the coolant. The tubes on an aluminum radiator are also wider which gives the coolant more surface space to work with. Ultimately, this makes it easier to keep the coolant at the proper temperature, so your vehicle is unlikely to overheat — even in the dead of summer during the off-roading season.

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Weight and Rows

If you have an old copper radiator, then you’ll be able to shave some weight off your vehicle by installing an aluminum one. (If you have one that’s made out of plastic though, you can expect your vehicle to stay at roughly the same weight.) You’ll also have the option to get more rows for the core of your radiator. The additional rows allow for better coolant distribution to your engine. Essentially, experts recommend more rows to drivers who intend to put their vehicles to the test. However, these extra features of an aluminum radiator make it easier for all drivers and owners to get the additional protection they’re looking for when they’re out and about. Overheating is not only inconvenient, it can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage as well.

Looks and Options

If you care about the way your vehicle looks, aluminum can help the front of your hot rod, muscle car, or truck look a little cleaner. These products are especially recommended if you have an engine bay that’s particularly crowded or messy. If you’re looking for the perfect radiator for you, Championship Radiators may be able to help. All of our radiators are made entirely of aluminum from bottom to top, and there is no epoxy used anywhere. You get the options you want and the quality you need to upgrade your vehicle to the next level. For better protection and longevity, aluminum can help you care for your vehicle for as long as you own it!

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